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Winning Ways 2

 God created the earth ... you create your world. 

God created you ... you create your life. 

Psalm 139:16  - all the days God has ordained for each person are recorded in God’s book even before we begin life ... God has an ‘ideal’ life for you and I to live ... but that ‘ideal’ life is subject to our freedom of choice ... we make those choices based on what we think and believe.

It was God’s perfect will and intention for Israel to go into the Promised Land forty years before they did ... there was an identifiable difference between the mindsets of Joshua and Caleb and the rest of the ‘spies’ and the people of Israel ... they thought differently and believed different things and God’s perfect will for them was deferred to another time and another people because of the choices they made ... dying in the Wilderness was a direct result of their thinking, believing and decision making  ...    Now, that’s a scary thought! 

Here’s another spectrum of thinking that reflects Winning Ways compared to ‘losing’ ways...

  • Highly effective people approach life with the intention of ‘winning’.
  • Less effective people approach life with the intention of ‘not losing’.
  • Highly effective people know that to ‘win’ in life they must apply themselves, back themselves, commit themselves, make the right decisions and position themselves to win.
  • Less effective people know that in order to ‘not lose’ they must not have too much confidence in themselves, not position themselves too far out of their comfort zone, and always have an escape plan in place.
  • Highly effective people understand that in order to win you have to take risks, you have to focus on your long term goals and you must be prepared to put in serious effort over an extended period of time if you’re going to enjoy the results of victory.
  • Less effective people understand that in order to ‘not lose’ you can’t take risks and you have to always be in control. Less effective people tend to focus on short term results and lifestyle gratifications.

Where do your current mindsets position you on that spectrum?

Romans 12:2indicates that there are different ‘levels’ in the will of God ... it is God’s intention that we each walk in His ‘perfect’ will ... the ability to do that is determined by our not being ‘conformed to this world’ but our being ‘transformed by the renewing of our minds’ ... our thinking ... our believing ... our mindsets and perspectives.

Until next time ...

Winning Ways 1

For several months now I have been sharing a lot through Next-Level about ‘thinking’. The more I study, pray, reflect and observe people the more convinced I become that the habitual thought processes and perspectives a person holds in their heart and mind are the most important factors in their overall success in life.

There are clearly identifiable differences between the thinking, internal beliefs and sense of identity of high achievers and low achievers, the very effective in life and the ineffective in life, the successful and the unsuccessful, the rich and the poor, those who do life well and those who don’t do so well.

Moses, Gideon, Jeremiah all had barriers in their minds that stopped them reaching their potential and fulfilling their God-given destiny. God had to work on them to get them to change their thinking about themselves and their future.

Life is a mind game!

There is a continuum between highly effective mindsets and ineffective mindsets, perspectives that lead to success and perspectives that lead to failure, beliefs that inspire high achievement and beliefs that ensure low achievement.

Training and managing your mind is probably the single most important skill you can develop in order to realise your potential and fulfil your God-given purpose.

Let’s look at either end of the spectrum of one aspect of ‘thinking’ ...

  • Highly effective people believe “I create my own life”
  • Less effective people believe “Life just happens to me”
  • Highly effective people believe they are totally responsible for everything they are experiencing in life because they created it by the thoughts and beliefs they hold, the words and attitudes they express and the choices they make.
  • Less effective people believe they are not really responsible for much of what they experience in life because it ‘just’ happened to them. They are the victims of other people’s decisions and the circumstances of life and as such often can’t create the sort of life they would really like.
  • Highly effective people tend to take control of unsatisfactory outcomes and circumstances by evaluating the situation and making decisions that will bring the kind of result they want.
  • Less effective people tend to justify their lack of achievement and their current unsatisfactory situation as being ‘beyond their control’. They tend to blame other people and their circumstances and complain that they can’t do anything about it.

Which end of this spectrum are you closest to with your current mindsets? 

Romans 12:2your life is transformed by renewing your mind ... your life is ‘contained’ by your mindsets.

Proverbs 1 – 9Wisdom is the application of knowledge and understanding ... it is the ability to apply right judgement and make wise decisions ... these chapters contain many promises of great success in life to those who learn the wisdom and ways of God, take responsibility for their life and make right decisions.

Remember this ...

God created the earth ... you create your world! 

God created you ... you create your life!

Until next time ...


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