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Winning Ways 5

Proverbs 13:20 - NLT “Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.”

Remember that “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” ... true wisdom is only found in those who walk in relationship with God out of “the fear of the Lord”.

Throughout the Scriptures there are many examples of the power of association ... not the least of which would be the example of Jesus and His disciples ... each of them was radically changed through their association with Jesus ... Timothy and others lives were obviously dramatically impacted through their association with the Apostle Paul (the one who said, “Follow me, as I follow Jesus”)

David started with men who were in debt, discontented and in distress and they became his mighty men ... mighty warriors ... men of valour ... highly successful ... all out of their association with David (and David’s relationship with God)

Here is another spectrum of thinking which will either set you up for success or failure ... for high achievement or low achievement ... to reach your potential or fall short of your potential ...

  • Highly effective people associate with other successful, positive people.
  • Less effective people associate with less successful, negative people.
  • Highly effective people admire and respect other highly successful people and associate with them so they can learn and grow and increase their own effectiveness in life 
  • Less effective people resent and are intimidated by highly successful people because of their own low self-esteem and their feelings of inadequacy.
  • Highly effective people seek out others who have greater success than they have so that in associating with them they will be forced out of their comfort zone, in the understanding that the only time someone is growing is when they are out of their comfort zone.
  • Less effective people keep associating with other less successful, negative people because it reinforces their own perspectives and keeps them within their comfort zone, not realising that keeps them ‘limited’ in life.

Which end of this spectrum are you closest to with your current perspectives and associations?

The old adage, “Birds of a feather, flock together” is still true ... it is also true that you “Can’t fly with the eagles, if you’re scratching with the chickens.”

Research indicates that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with ... scary thought!     Think about it ... your future effectiveness depends on it!

Until next time ...

Winning Ways 4

Eph 5.15-17 NIV -   Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

What is the Lords will for you? To make the most of every opportunity! Making the most of opportunities shows understanding of the will of God for your life and is living in godly wisdom.

NKJV v16 “redeeming the time”  has the meaning of ‘trading’ with your time as you would with your money in a market … use your time wisely and to gain a profit or increase.

Here is a key thought … Gods will for your life is seen in the opportunities He gives to you!

Making the most of every opportunity is determined by our decision making processes which in turn are determined by our thoughts and feelings about the opportunity ... positive thoughts lead to positive feelings ... and ultimately most people only do what they ‘feel’ like doing!

Here is another spectrum of thinking which will either set you up for success or failure ... for high achievement or low achievement ... to reach your potential or fall short of your potential ...

  • Highly effective people focus on opportunities.
  • Less effective people focus on obstacles
  • Highly effective people look for and expect great opportunities because they know God will bring opportunities for greater effectiveness and success to them.
  • Less effective people only see the obstacles with every opportunity because they are more pessimistic in their mindsets and don’t realise that God intends for them to overcome the obstacles and make the most of the opportunity.
  • Highly effective people understand that all opportunities come with some challenges but because they focus on the opportunity and the potential of that opportunity, the price is worth the prize (Ps Mark Baker).
  • Less effective people are paralysed by the obstacles they see because they don’t have confidence in themselves and are ruled by fears, nor do they trust God to enable them to realise the potential of the opportunity.

Which end of this spectrum are you closest to with your current mindsets?

Numbers 13:31 – 14:9 gives a classic picture of this particular spectrum of thought. Israel was faced with an incredible opportunity to take possession of the Promised Land ... a very fruitful and ‘delightsome’ place ... but the land was inhabited by opposing forces, hostile tribes and giants ... Joshua and Caleb saw the opportunities and the rest of the spies saw the obstacles ... Israel missed an opportunity, missed the will of God and spent 40 years in the Wilderness because of wrong thinking which paralysed them in their fears and inflated perspective of the obstacles.

Remember this ... the will of God and the opportunities for your life rarely come in an ideal ‘package’ nor at the most convenient time!

Until next time ...

Winning Ways 3

 God created the earth ... you create your world. 

God created you ... you create your life. 

Psalm 139:16  - all the days God has ordained for each person are recorded in God’s book even before we begin life ... God has an ‘ideal’ life for you and I to live ... but that ‘ideal’ life is subject to our freedom of choice ... we make those choices based on what we think and believe.

Isaiah 55:7-9God’s thoughts and ways are higher than our thoughts and ways ... v7 advises the ‘unrighteous’ person to turn away from their thoughts ... if we are going to walk in the higher ways of God, then we have to learn to think the higher thoughts of God as revealed in His Word ... that is, develop true dependency on God and His Word in the realisation that true success is only found in fulfilling the will of God for our lives.

There is a continuum between highly effective mindsets and ineffective mindsets, perspectives that lead to success and perspectives that lead to failure, beliefs that inspire high achievement and beliefs that ensure low achievement.

Training and managing your mind is probably the single most important skill you can develop in order to realise your potential and fulfil your God-given purpose.

Here’s another spectrum of thinking that reflects Winning Ways compared to ‘losing’ ways...

  • Highly effective people are big thinkers.
  • Less effective people are small thinkers.
  • Highly effective people catch hold of the largeness of their potential in God, the great God-given vision for their lives and expect to achieve big things during their life-time.
  • Less effective people don’t really believe they have much potential nor do they grasp the great vision God has for them so as a consequence they don’t think in very big terms.
  • Highly effective people have a sense of significance about their lives. They understand their birth was significant because they were born for significance so they think significant thoughts and expect to achieve significant things.
  • Less effective people lack a sense of significance. They don’t understand that God intends them to be significant in life and has significant purposes for them. They don’t think of significant things because they don’t expect their lives to be significant.

Which end of this spectrum are you closest to with your current mindsets?

The promises in God’s Word are there to correct our thinking and expectations for the future ... to lift us out of our ‘poverty’ thinking into thinking that reflects a child of the King ... to draw the grace of God and the empowering of His Spirit that we might reach our potential and fully outwork His intentions for our lives.

Until next time ...

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